Skill Level 1  Basic Training Resources

Job Aids

AM 7 Job Aid - Check Into Radio Net Dec 2021.pdf
AM 7 Job Aid - Call a Radio Net Dec 2021.pdf

About Messages

AMARS Training Bulletin, 4 June 2021.  

Discusses how to structure the data in USMTF text (print) format messages for sending by voice.  

Training Bulletin - ad hoc voice template.pdf

Radiotelephone Procedure and examples

Copying a message by voice is like learning CW.  Speed comes with practice, and like CW contacts, it  can be frustrating to work with people who haven't practiced.  Practice copying the message sent at this speed.

MSC Training Course

MSC training course v1.0 Tasks 1-11 Feb 2021.pdf

Load/Update Encryption Key in MSC software

Understanding and Using Ionosonde Data  - Lew Thompson

Understanding and Using Ionosonde Data - Lew Thompson - 20231014.mp4

Introduction to TAK

Intro to TAK_0.mp4