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Application to Join Army MARS

Membership applications are available at the bottom of this page for download.

Applications are a PDF  that can be filled in on your computer.  The forms feature an email submit button at the end of the form.  Clicking the submit button at the end of the form will open your email client and attach the form to a new email addressed to HQ Army MARS

To ensure proper routing of the form, do not modify the email address or subject line.

The use of digital signatures is encouraged, however not required at this time.  Adobe Reader X also provide for "ink signatures" using the mouse. 

Instructions for each field can be revealed by holding the mouse cursor over the form field.

These forms work best when they are downloaded and read with Adobe Reader XThe form fields may not be edited if the form is opened in a web browser window.

Processing time is normally not more than 5 working days.  If you are not contacted about your application in 5 working days, please Contact Us.

Applicants must use the electronic form and submit through email. 

Use AMARS Form 1 for:
  • New Member Applications (Individual Member, Club, or Auxiliary Member)
  • Renew your MARS membership.
  • Transfer from one Army MARS region to another.
  • Modifications, such as change of address, email, or telephone.
  • Request an ID card.
Form 1 Instructions

Download Form 1 below...

Use AMARS Form 2 for:
  • Government and Military Applications
  • To Renew a Government or Military authorizations.
  • Modifications, such as change of address, email, or telephone.
  • To add additional stations or an associated call sign to an existing authorization.
  • To Consolidate several existing authorizations.

Form 2 Instructions