Form 2 Instructions

Who is eligible to use Form 2?

All Military Units that are eligible for an Army MARS license under AR 25-6 use Form 2.  This includes Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Corps of Engineers, ROTC and JROTC.

Government Stations also use Form 2.  Government Stations include those operated by the government of the United States, the government of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, United States possessions and territories, and political subdivisions there of. 

Associated Call Sign.

Associated Call Signs are listed by Military Stations that wish to utilize an existing military call sign on MARS networks.  The call sign must be an unclassified, static call sign and listed on Form 2 so that it can be cross referenced to the MARS authorization

Listing an Associated Call Sign is not required.

Listing Additional Stations

Multiple stations may be authorized under one call sign.  These stations will operate by appending a number (-2, -3, -4 etc) to the call sign.  The advantage is an organization need only remember one call sign for operation in MARS, all MARS authorizations in an organization or its subdivisions can be consolidated in one office, administrative functions such as modification and renewal are streamlined.

Station types may be Fixed (FB) , Mobile (MO) or Temporary Fixed (TF).  You must list each additional station you intend to operate, the station type (FB, MO, TF), and the location or area of operation of the station.  Mobile and Temporary Fixed stations require an area of operation.  Fixed stations require a street address or coordinates.

Examples of an area of operation for the purposes of this application are Statewide, Countywide, etc.

A Temporary Fixed station is one that exists at one location for less than one year.  

Consolidating Existing Army MARS Authorizations

You may consolidate several existing Army MARS authorizations under a single call sign and point of contact on Form 2.  Submit the application as  a "Modification" and list the call sign you wish to keep on the authorization in the "Current Call Sign" box at the top of the application.  List the Army MARS Call Signs, location and station type of each station to be consolidated in the fields for Additional Stations.  These stations will now operate under the call sign listed on the top of the application, with the numerical appendix associated to the field.   The previous call signs of these stations, as listed, will be cancelled