Form 1 Instructions

Individual Member Applicants:

A copy of the FCC Amateur Radio license is no longer required.  Applications will be validated against FCC records.  Your call sign or FRN is required on the application.  The information provided on the MARS application much match the FCC record.  Check your FCC record before submitting a MARS application and ensure your information is current. 

Discrepancies between the FCC record and MARS Application may result in a delay or dismissal of your application.


Your MARS membership expiration date is linked to your FCC Amateur Radio expiration date.  Be sure to renew your amateur radio license before renewing your MARS license.

Change of Address:

If you have moved you must update both your FCC record and MARS record.  If you are moving out of your region, your application purpose is "Transfer".  A new Army MARS call sign will be assigned to you.  If your move is inside of your region, your application purpose is "Modification".  Be sure to also include your new phone number and email address.

Update eMail or Telephone Number:

You should update your record at HQ Army MARS after any change to your telephone number or email address.  Submit Form 1 with as a "Modification"

ID Card Applicants:

ID Cards are issued on a priority basis, as approved through chain of command, and require the applicant supply a copy of a government issued photo ID (such as a drivers license or passport), and a high quality digital photo of the applicant

ID Card applicants must have completed all requirements for regular MARS membership, including the Army MARS Basic Training Course, and NIMS courses 100, 200, 700 and 800. 

Fill out AR MARS Form 1 and use the "Save Form" option at the bottom of the second page.  Do not submit the form directly to HQ Army MARS with the "Submit Form" button.  Send the form and supporting documentation through your chain of command for approval.  ID Card applications are not accepted at HQ Army MARS directly from members.

Pictures for ID card must be in .jpg or .png format, and at least 1024 x 768 pixels.  The photograph will be of your head and shoulders.  For a professional appearance, wear a nice shirt, preferably a solid color to avoid distracting patterns, and contain no printing or graphics.  Consider the color of the shirt in contrast with the background, for instance avoid a white shirt on a white background.  A tie is preferred but not necessary.

Ensure a plain white background free of distractions. 

Photographs of poor quality, or those that bear little resemblance to the photograph on your government issued ID will result in delay or denial of your application.